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"One of the most creative artists I've ever worked with. He's fast, accurate, reliable and guaranteed to stun. His pages are always a joy."

Jason Quinn
Editor at Panini UK (Doctor Who Adventures, Doctor Who Magazine, Batman Hero Time, Ben 10 Magazine)

"Russ is one of the most professional and trustworthy artists I have ever had the privelege of working with. He has never missed a deadline and is generally ahead of schedule, plus his work is improving at an alarming rate!
I look forward to working with him on many more projects and wholeheartedly recommend him to any and all other publishers."

Harry Markos
Publisher at AAM Markosia

"The art and colouring on Terminus work in tandem as a perfect complement to Cheal's writing, and the combination of crisp sharp lines with dark shadows and an interesting use of colour further enhance the book. Leach's artwork brings the gruesome inhabitants of Fenton's Green to life in the most horrible way, and no two monsters look the same "

"Adam Cheal once again proves that he can bring a fresh mind and technique to comic book making, which is further complemented by Russ Leach's slick artwork."

Ari Carr - comicsandcookies.com - @Ariellalphabet
Review of Terminus At Fenton's Green OGN by Markosia

"From the evocative first few pages, I could see that this was going to be an interesting read. Adam's words skilfully conjure up Victorian London, and Russ' pictures betray a wealth of period detail thoroughly researched."

"This comic has it all, murder, monsters, mayhem and mammaries! What more could you want?"

Sean Phillips (Batman, X-Men, Marvel Zombies)
Foreword for Terminus At Fenton's Green OGN by Markosia

"Having worked in the comic book world for over 40 years it is good to be reminded of just why I entered it in the first place. Russ Leach's illustration work does that for me. In fact it takes me back to the buzz I got from spinning the newsagent's comic rack as a boy to see the latest wonders created by Steranko, Kirby, Buscema (Sal and John), Ditko and Kane. Now that was a buzz! Unlike so much of the work seen today of posing butch men and women in skintights and capes, Russ's illustrations capture character, personality, mood, and setting that immediately pull you into the story. Every writer's (and reader's) dream illustrator. A joy to work with."

Tim Quinn
Writer, Producer and Editor.
Former Editor for Marvel on titles such as Xmen and Spiderman - Just one appointment amongst many through 40 years of experience in the comic book world! ( I wrote that - Tim is far too humble to title himself in that way! )

"When looking for artists to work with, I need three things. Talent, professionalism and the ability to meet deadlines. Russ has all of these traits in abundance and far exceeds all expectations. When you work with Russ, you don't just get an artist, you get a full service package and a valued member of the team. Russ Leach is destined for greatness so I would advise you to book him for work while he is still available."

Adam Cheal
Staff writer for www.comicbooked.com, Editor in chief of the British Showcase Anthology, writer and creator of Toxic Storm and Terminus at Fenton's Green

"Russ is not content doing 'just enough' to finish a project. Probably the most talented and creative persons that I have ever had the joy of working with, he goes the extra mile to help create the best possible product, going far beyond what is required of him. And he does it all within schedule! I really hope to be working more with Russ far into the future."

Eric Mullarky
New Baby Productions

"I've got to say that Russ Leach is a fantastic artist... one of my new favorites, and in my opinion definitely one of the best in the business."

Rusty Gilligan
Comic industry veteran
Mac and Trouble blog

"Professional, easy to work with and enthusiastic, plus of course Incredible work"

Dale Rowles

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Creative Partners

Russ Leach is proud to have been involved in multiple projects with the publishers and studios below.

Arrow Comics DC Newhaven - Viking Press Comics
Panini Cartoon Network Draw The Marvel Way
Aces Weekly BBC WorldWide and CBBC Unstoppable Comics