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Russ Leach lives in England and has had a long production career spanning multiple disciplines including publishing, illustration, retail design and online software development.

Russ has worked in the creative sphere since 1986 and over his career has worked on a wide variety of creative projects with multiple International and blue chip companies.

Since 2009 Russ has focussed almost exclusively on illustration and sequential art and has worked with many well know publishers and studios such as
DC, Marvel, Hachette, BBC Worldwide, Cartoon Network, Markosia and Panini.

Whilst keeping one toe in Indy comics with various US based titles and appearing multile times in David Lloyd's "Aces Weekly", Russ has also been the regular artist on BBC and Panini's Doctor Who Adventures and Doctor Who Magazine and is currently producing a mix of sequential art, illustrations and storyboards.

As well as production projects for other studios and publishers Russ is also producing his own graphic novel series 'Only Death Can Save Us' with writer Rik Hoskin



Russ will happily produce visuals, illustrations and commissions as well as some related publishing services. If you have any questions or requests please contact Russ Leach at russ@kre8uk.net.

A note about content

The imagery displayed on russleach.com/russleach.net/russleachart.com/kre8uk.net/comicbookblackbelt.com is a mixture of commissions, original works, printed material and publishing submissions. All original characters copyright remain with their respective owners.

None of the content on this site should be reproduced anywhere without prior written permission from the site author. Kre8uk is an independant site. If the ideas and artwork displayed are of commercial interest please email russ@kre8uk.net.

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Creative Partners

Russ Leach is proud to have been involved in multiple projects with the publishers and studios below.

Panini Cartoon Network Draw The Marvel Way
Aces Weekly BBC WorldWide and CBBC Unstoppable Comics