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This section collates samples of published work, commissions, submissions and collaborative projects in gallery format for public viewing. Any character copyrights stay with the respective owners of course but please do not reproduce any of the material on this site without prior consent. If you have any questions or are interested in commissioning a piece please email me at russ@kre8uk.net.

Click the links below to view the work.

Terminus at Fenton's Green Terminus at Fenton's Green
Publisher: AAM/Markosia
Info: Graphic Novel / Linework
British Showcase Anthology British Showcase Anthology
Publisher: AAM/Markosia
Info: Anthology / Linework
StormChasers StormChasers
Publisher: Unstoppable Comics
Info: 22Page Comic / Linework
Unstoppable Origins Unstoppable Origins
Publisher: Unstoppable Comics
Info: 22Page Comic / Linework
Birdman Indifference Engine 2
Publisher: Markosia
Info: Graphic Novel / Linework
M R James Horror M R James Horror
Publisher: Kevin Gill
Info: Graphic presentation
street street!
Publisher: Endeavour
Info: Linework/colour/letters
BBBlackDog BBBlackDog
Publisher: BBBlackDog
Info: Album Artwork
foxglove foxglove
Publisher: AAM/Markosia
Info: Graphic Novel / Linework
Ash and Moose Ash and Moose
Publisher: Ashdown Music
Info: Marketing
Comic strip gallery Comic strip gallery
Publisher: Me!!
Info: Pinups and samples
Marvel Characters Marvel Characters
Publisher: Marvel
Info: Hopefully one day:)
Red Angel - Mini Series Red Angel - Mini Series
Publisher: What The Flux
Info: 22Page Comic / Linework
T-Shirt designs T-Shirt designs
Publisher: Brazil Clothing Co
Info: Designs for shirts
The Idol The Idol
Publisher: FineLine Ink
Info: 15PP Linework
Tharg's Future Shocks Tharg's Future Shocks
Publisher: 2000AD/Rebellion
Info: Submission Pencils
Fractal Friction Fractal Friction
Publisher: Fractal Friction
Info: Web Comic
Spectral Detective Spectral Detective
Publisher: Submission/Pitch
Info: Graphic Novel