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It's blog time again! - Thu, 11 Jun 2015 08:25:00 +0000

Right... so....

Back at the blogface!

This month saw some ups and downs, although to be honest it's all mostly up at the moment :)

The only down was that I had a project cancelled - which although sad does leave me available for other work.

That came soon enough with Jay at Unstoppable offering me another book in his brilliant super hero line - which I snapped at instantly!

Some art from Interceptor 2 below. Interceptor and Stormchasers are returning again soon!

Hopefully that whets the appetite - Unstoppable has an early preview on their site.

Doctor Who Adventures continues to be a joy to work on. I have recently found out that we have a new writer working with us who has appeared in Super Girl and Batman book rosters, so I look forward to his stories. Not sure if it's public knowledge yet so I'll leave it till next time to reveal :)

Also a lovely guy name of Jeremy Bement, who produces a great podcast about Dr Who comics called "Panel to Panel"  was kind enough to interview me last week and the results of my inane drivel can be found on the site. Check out his facebook page https://www.facebook.com/jeremy.bement.1?fref=ts

thats it for now - I'll leave this blog with some Doctor Who pages

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