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Adventures in Space and Time - Sun, 22 Nov 2015 18:20:00 +0000

So... it's late November and I'm in the middle of three projects!

Taking up most time and providing most enjoyment are the monthly Doctor Who Adventures strips! I'm already at issue 11 penciling and inking away late into the evenings - and loving every minute!

I'm reliably informed that I am now a PRO - so I'll let that sink in for a while and continue with a broad dreamy smile.

11 issues in and I have also been spending a lot of time with the Panini crew at Comics festivals and most recently the Doctor Who Festival... what a treat! I managed to geek out a little as well, as I managed to bump into several brilliant people on the rounds - Tony Lee, Brian Williamson, Lew Stringer and series writer Sarah Dollard!! cool eh!

I'm also getting to work with seriously great writers on the strip and Paternoster gang stories. Apart form the ever present Jason Quinn (Editor extraordinaire) I've also managed to work with James Peaty ( Super Girl, Green Arrow) and the very popular Tommy Donbavand(Scream Street) to name but a few!

I am trying desperately to do more StormChasers for Unstoppable Comics but the Doctor does demand a lot of attention.

A super secret project with Panini also involves Marvel Super heroes which I can not say anything about now - but which makes me grin ear to ear every time I receive a brief from the Panini editorial team.

For now I'll simply leave my Festival Exclusive Poster hear and go back to drinking lots of coffee!

What a wonderful life!
(bit Christmassy that)

Hi There
Welcome to RussLeach.com.
Formerly known as kre8uk.net this site is
now exclusively for the display of my art
and advancement of my illustrative career!

My debut graphic novel "Terminus at Fenton's
Green" was released in 2014 to rave reviews
and was published by cult Indy publisher
Markosia. This was followed up with a second
OGN in 2015 with master of the Macabre, Cy
Dethan, with "Indifference Engine 2 - the

Whilst keeping one toe in Indy comics with
various US based titles and David Lloyd's
"Aces Weekly" I have also been the regular
artist on Panini's Doctor Who Adventures since
April 2015 and producing illustrations for
Marvel and Hachettes "Draw The Marvel Way".

More secret projects are on the way....

All the work here has been produced by me.
There are some guest artists on colour and
ink duties and I am constantly referring to
those talented individuals via Facebook and
Twitter. Just email me if you are interested
in any of the images displayed and I can
reveal the creative team and
process involved!

You can view current projects, galleries of
sequential art and single pieces by clicking
the link above or just
click on any of my current projects to
the left..

This area will be updated regularly as new
projects come online, so if you are interested
please bookmark the page and come back to
check all of them out!

Creative Partners

Russ Leach is proud to be working
with the fantastic talent at the publishers
and studios below.

BBC WorldWide and CBBC
Draw The Marvel Way
Aces Weekly
Markosia Press
Unstoppable Comics