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Whilst in pre-production or just coming up with ideas, a lot of work is produced that usually just wouldn't get seen. So on display here are sets of ideas and working drawings, warts and all! If you have any questions or are interested in the ideas on display please email me at russ@kre8uk.net.

Click the links below to view the work.

Chronic Argonauts OGN Chronic Argonauts OGN
Type: Concepts
Info: OGN Pre-production
Comic Strip Sketches Comic Strip Sketches
Type: Sketch work
Info: There be whales!
Seventy Two Seventy Two
Type: Concepts
Info: OGN Pre-production
Fantasy characters Fantasy characters
Type: Concepts
Info: A tremor in the force!
Alien combinations Alien combinations
Type: An Alien Cantena
Info: A Hive of Villainy!
Comic Book Comic Book
Type: Concepts
Info: Pre-production